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Application Testing & Software Quality Assurance (QA)

Are you looking for an Application Testing and/or Software Quality Assurance (QA) specialized team? Look no further. Our team consists of 200 highly skilled professionals who can provide you with a full range of Application Testing and Software QA services.

Why choose our Application Testing and Software QA Team?
Application Testing – what types of services do we provide?
Software Quality Assurance and Supporting Services
Models of cooperation

Why choose our Application Testing and Software QA Team?
If you hire us you will work with our cost-effective Application Testing and Software Quality Assurance Team that consists of 200 high-skilled professionals, including test managers, test analysts, automation engineer and testers. They hold over 150 ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation and Advanced Level certificates, as well as dozens of other IT certificates (Prince2, PMI, ITIL etc.). Our Application Testing and Software QA Team applies the ISO/IEC 27001:2005 process in its work. So far, we have delivered over 1,000 projects for customers from different industries, such as banking, telecommunications, insurance, power, media, IT and public administration.

Application Testing – what types of services do we provide?
You can take advantage of different types of software testing we offer, including:

  • Test Management – we develop a test approach and manage all test streams. We create test team work plans and define test environment and test support requirements. We manage test team operations.
  • Functional Testing – we verify functional requirements defined for software, by carrying out system, integration or business tests. We design and execute system tests based on use cases.
  • Performance Testing – we test performance from the level of network and hardware infrastructure through the database and application layer to the end-user interface.
  • Migration Testing – we verify the assumptions of the migration project, validate test data, check the system functionality and the ability to continue business processes in the new architecture.
  • Security Testing – we execute tests to assess the level of IT resource security and identify any existing vulnerabilities, threats or deficiencies

Software Quality Assurance and Supporting Services
You can also avail yourself of the full range of Quality Management and Supporting Services we offer:

  • Software Quality Assurance (QA) – we actively participate in the whole project lifecycle to supervise, monitor, verify and foster the execution of quality and testing policies, strategies and standards defined by the customer.
  • Test Process Audit – we verify the test process in place and assess its compliance with the standards, best practices and internal working regulations. We can recommend areas and methods for improvement to you.
  • Test Process Organization – we can support you in setting up or optimizing the test process, both in the area of methodology and of the entire process. We build coherent solutions appropriate for process characteristics, limitations and interdependencies with other rules and processes.
  • Agile Project Management – we employ a project methodology that enables fast implementation of business initiatives. Our services cover all stages of IT solution development – from business requirements through technical design and deployment to acceptance tests.

Our Supporting Services include:

  • Test Automation – we can build for you an end-to-end test automation approach and plan by preparing the architecture for the solution, process and automation procedures, from setting up tools and developing scripts to launching tests, analysing outcomes and preparing the final report.
  • Test Data Management – we can develop strategies of creating and managing test data used during various testing streams.
  • Test Environment Management – we can build end-to-end test environments for the purpose of the planned tests. Based on the system technical documentation we provide the required infrastructure, deploy and set up operating systems, databases, applications and the integration layer. We deliver stubs, drivers and execute smoke tests for the developed environment.

In our test projects we use a broad array of tools that support and streamline the entire process. We take advantage of solutions supporting requirements management, design phase and test execution phase management, defect management, change management and version control as well as automation and performance testing tools. For us proper implementation entails much more than just installation and setup. It means developing a utility framework, tailored to the processes in the organization

Models of cooperation
We can provide you with a competitive pricing scheme and various partnership models, including: time & material, fixed price, success fee, full outsourcing.

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