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Are you looking for a software development company in Poland to start a project from scratch or take over an existing one? We have intensive experience in carrying out both new custom software development projects and taking over a selected part or overall responsibility for existing projects. And we will be happy to help you!

“My team working with Multishoring managed to reduce our IT spending by 60%, keeping the same competency level. I also got to know Multishoring as a loyal and easy-to-work with partner”

Fredrick Olund

HL Display,
IT Director

Custom Software Development Poland - We Can Help You Develop a Project from Scratch or Take Over Existing One

Poland - No. 1 IT Nearshoring Destination In EMEA When Comparing With Multiple Criteria

  • No. 15 in Tholonos' 2020 Global Innovation Index

  • No. 3 in HackerRank's list of countries with the best developers

  • No. 13 in Europe with English proficiency, according to EPI (high above average

  • Lower costs, e.g. an annual salary of Java Developer is €21,406, according to PayScale

  • Membership in the European Union and NATO

  • It is close and well-connected to Western European countries

How Do We Take Over Projects?

Preparatory stage
We understand that the situation is dramatic. Key people in the project have quit, there has been a loss of trust, and there is no chance of meeting project deadlines. The rescue operation is conducted by our special team, which consists of the best people. They assess the situation, secure the project scene, and take the most urgent measures. They also determine a schedule and frameworks for the full project transfer by setting a management structure, procedures, and KPIs.
Transitional Stage
At this stage, we and the Client verify the scope and rules of providing services defined in the agreement and the result of the works performed at the Preparatory Stage. We also start performing part of the actions defined as critical for the project and get ready for the full transition.
Main Stage
We start providing services following Service Catalogue, the level of service and KPIs established in the agreement. We also introduce a process of change management within the agreed model and start the optimization based on a continuous process performed through the analysis of the project data.


“Through all these years of cooperation Multishoring has proven to be a very reliable and competent IT partner for us” Tomaz Praprotnik, Head of Technology & Architecture at Pernod Ricard EMEA-LATAM HQ

You don’t need to look for a new company to deliver your new custom software development
projects or take over your existing projects any longer. We have years of experience, thousands of
developers, mature processes, and we are based in one of the best countries to outsource from.

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Is Poland a good country for software development services?

Poland stands out as a top destination for custom software development services globally. This reputation is rooted in several key factors. Firstly, its strategic location, being culturally and geographically close to Western Europe and the U.S.A., plays a pivotal role. Additionally, Poland boasts a highly educated and skilled workforce proficient in foreign languages. The country's appeal for software development is further underlined by the presence of major IT corporations that have established their software development centers here. Consequently, Poland has earned recognition as the primary IT nearshoring destination in the EMEA region, consistently outperforming competitors across various criteria. In summary, custom software development in Poland enjoys a well-deserved reputation for excellence and efficiency.  
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Which country is best for the software industry?

The basic criteria that such a country should meet are a large pool of IT developers, good technical universities, and moderate rates. It is also important that the country ensures cultural proximity and that there are no big differences in time zones because it can make work very difficult. Nowadays, an extremely important element is also the stability of a given country, which can be evidenced by belonging for example to the EU or NATO.  
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How do I find the best custom software development company in Poland?

To find the best custom software development company in Poland, consider searching for large, experienced firms with well-established procedures and extensive expertise. One exemplary company in this regard is Multishoring, known for delivering top-notch IT services rooted in Agile and DevOps principles. They offer a unique team augmentation model, combining nearshoring and offshoring approaches, providing convenient and flexible access to a talent pool of over 3,000 developers in Poland, one of the premier destinations for outsourcing. Additionally, Multishoring boasts a roster of 500 seasoned consultants and senior developers distributed throughout the entire United States and other major Western countries. When seeking the best custom software development services in Poland, companies like Multishoring can meet your needs effectively while ensuring a seamless collaboration experience.  
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What is a custom software development company?

A custom software development company assists its clients in creating bespoke software while maintaining high-quality functionality, performance, and design. It should be ready to help its customers in customer software development creation by leveraging its alliances, prioritizing innovation, and employing best practices. Multishoring is an example of custom software development companies, offering you access to IT teams with considerable experience from application concept to execution, including in cloud settings.  
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What factors should I consider when selecting a custom software development company in Poland?

When choosing a custom software development company in Poland, it's crucial to consider factors such as their portfolio, client reviews, expertise in your industry, and the technologies they specialize in. Additionally, assess their communication skills and project management capabilities to ensure a successful partnership.
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What are the advantages of choosing Poland for custom software development services?

Poland is a prime destination for custom software development. Its skilled IT workforce, competitive pricing, and excellent quality of work make it an ideal choice for businesses seeking custom software solutions. Custom software development in Poland offers cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality.
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