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Inriver PIM solutions

Executive summary: 

A product information management is a system that tracks all of your product’s info, including its catalog and prices. Driver’s PIMS is an app store for your company, while Inriver gives you the best of both worlds in sales and marketing.


Inriver is a product management system designed to save both time and money for businesses by managing all aspects of their products. It is a tool that helps managers track their data. Multishoring provides personalized, one-on-one consulting through video chat sessions to help you get the proper guidance for your unique situation.


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Organizations that use PIM enjoy a lot of benefits, including increased efficiency and reduced costs. If you’re worried about the cost of implementing this system or have questions about how it might work with your company’s existing systems, we can help! Let us know if you want to discuss more on this subject to get started today figuring out what will work best for your business needs.


What is product information management (PIM)?

PIM is a system of records that stays current and accurate as of the business changes. It’s used to track inventory, sales, news, purchases from different suppliers or customers by storing information on products in addition to their related data, such as pricing strategies for each product line item type which helps managers make more informed decisions about where they’re going next within your company accounting cycle-to help improve efficiency.

Product information management (PIM) is the process of organizing and maintaining all your product’s info – from catalogs to pricing, descriptions/ingredients lists. This ensures that it will be easy for you when searching or ordering products in stores!

Many tools can be used for PIM, but the most popular are Microsoft Outlook and Google Docs. These programs allow you to store all of your contact information in one place, so it’s accessible when people call or email with questions about products they purchase from you!

What is the Inriver product information management system?

Driver’s product information management system (PIMS) is like an app store for your company. It helps you manage every aspect of the products built into it, including sales data and customer preferences, among other things!

Inriver is a sales and marketing software that helps small businesses get ahead of their competition. It makes it easy for business owners to create new products, manage inventory levels in real-time, and provide service when needed, all from one dashboard!

Inriver is a new information management system that will help your company stay organized. The benefits of using this app are multifaceted, including reducing time spent searching for the correct document or article when you need it most! With Inrivers’ intuitive interface, all users have access to what they’re looking for at any given moment in their workday–and no more scrolling through hundreds upon thousands before finding one relevant piece among them all.

Inriver product information management system is a platform for managing online customer data and digital assets. The goal of this software is to automate tasks, increase revenue through increased efficiency in marketing campaigns while reducing operational costs at the same time.

How can a product information management system help your company?

A Product Information Management System (PIMS) can help your company in several ways. First and foremost, it provides the ability to organize all product-related data by creating categories for anything from online customer orders through supplier contracts; this automatically categorizes information which makes searching more straightforward because you don’t need any keywords associated with each item like “order date” or even specific items themselves if there is more than one way they could be categorized such as manufacturer/model numbers then these would come into play while using variants searches too – see below for more on that.

Inriver helps you efficiently manage your product data. You can easily keep track of all information about products, from catalogs to pricing and everything between! In addition to saving a considerable amount of time when searching or ordering tools in stores, it allows managers to make more informed decisions about where they’re going next within their company accounting cycle. This helps improve efficiency and can lead to better profits for your business in the end!

Our company manages every aspect of the products built into it, including sales data and product stories preferences, among other things such as customer service when needed, all from one dashboard. With Driver’s intuitive interface, users have access to what they are looking for at any given moment in their workday, which ensures that no more time is spent scrolling through hundreds upon thousands of documents before finding one relevant piece among them all.

Inriver offers a new information management system, and this helps your business stay organized with the benefits being multifaceted, including reduced time spent searching for the proper document or article at the right time, as well as all users having access to what they are looking for at any given moment in their workday.

All of our Driver specialists would love to help you and your company and see just how beneficial this management system can be! It is a platform for managing customer data with digital assets to help your company stay organized and automate tasks, increase revenue through increased efficiency in marketing campaigns, and reduce operational costs at the same time.

What value can you get from our Inriver services?

There are many benefits to our Inriver services. 

  • We offer personalized, one-on-one consulting through live video chat sessions, which will allow you to get the guidance and expertise that is right for your unique situation without ever having to leave home or work!
  • We know how difficult it can be when seeking help with something that seems big but isn’t changing any time soon – trust us; we’ve been there too! That’s why at Multishoring., all of our coaches come fully equipped with expert knowledge in business strategy development during client meetings.
  • We implement several strategies in our services to enable companies to understand their customers better, create more targeted marketing campaigns, and offer outstanding customer service because they know what the customers want! We also streamline business processes to increase efficiency.

FAQ Questions

  • What is Pim Inriver?

Pim Inriver is a revolutionary way to find and manage prospects. It’s an AI-driven solution that provides your sales team with leads from different channels, notifying them when it identifies new potential customers or clients – all in one place!

  • What does in-river do?

Inriver is a company that creates a platform for connecting brands and consumers. Brands can use our site to create ads, design their product stories or services with ease using drag-and-drop tools, and post reviews directly from the website without leaving!

  • What is PIM in software?

PIM stands for Personal Information Management. This PIM solution software can be used to keep track of different aspects of yourself like appointments, addresses, etc., so you never have any trouble remembering where things are again!

  • Why do you need a PIM?

There are many reasons why you need a personal information manager. You may have one to keep track of what’s going on with your friends, family members, or coworkers by gathering their contact details in one central location; perhaps it will help improve efficiency when tackling the never-ending list that is life’s responsibilities! There can also be an emotional component for people who prefer not having all aspects of themselves stored digitally – they’re just trying to live as naturally possible without being tracked 24/7 by corporations eager to snoop around typing up everything about us online, including where we work and shop (shopping data), etc.