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Are you looking for Azure Logic Apps integration services to initiate or accelerate integration projects? Our team of certified Azure LogicApps consultants is available and eager to help.

Unleash the power of Azure Logic Apps with our wide-ranging solutions

Our experts can speed up Azure Logic Apps integration projects and ensure seamless data connectivity across systems. We offer comprehensive services in this field, including:

How does Azure Logic Apps stand out in integration projects?

Azure Logic Apps stands out as an exceptional option for integration projects for various compelling reasons:

Seamless integration with Microsoft ecosystem

Azure Logic Apps empowers businesses with seamless integration across Microsoft platforms, including Azure services, Microsoft 365 apps, and Dynamics 365 solutions. This unified approach streamlines workflows, automates processes, and fosters collaboration, ultimately boosting productivity and optimizing operations.

Ideal solution for BizTalk users

Microsoft provides a convenient BizTalk connector for Azure Logic Apps, enabling seamless connectivity with BizTalk Server. This integration allows businesses to harness the scalability and flexibility of Logic Apps while leveraging their existing investments in BizTalk, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing the benefits of both platforms.

Enhanced workflow automation

Azure Logic Apps streamlines business processes with its intuitive drag-and-drop workflow designer. By leveraging a vast collection of pre-built templates and connectors, businesses can effortlessly create automated workflows, reducing manual effort and boosting overall productivity.

Data security and compliance

Azure Logic Apps adheres to industry-leading security and compliance standards. It offers built-in security features such as data encryption, authentication mechanisms, and role-based access control, ensuring data privacy and protection.

Reasons to Embrace Azure Logic Apps

Azure Logic Apps offer numerous benefits for integration projects and maximizing their business value, including:

Take advantage of our experience

Extensive expertise

With vast experience and deep Azure Logic Apps knowledge, our skilled team excels in seamless integration implementation. We have mastered the platform intricacies and consistently deliver outstanding results.

Time and cost savings

With our Azure Logic Apps expertise, we expedite integration development, saving time, resources, and costs through efficient and timely project completion.

Scalable and flexible solutions

Our scalable integration solutions adapt and grow with your business, effortlessly accommodating increased workloads and future integrations.

Own tool for integration error handling

We can provide you with our own tool for integration error handling that can be accessed through any web browser and functions as a central hub for tracking Azure Logic Apps integrations and handling errors.

Integration framework

We provide LogicApps integration services based on our Integration Framework, which is a set of ready-to-use components and processes that can be quickly utilized in any IT integration project.

24/7/365 support

As part of our Azure Logic App-related integration services, we guarantee our clients assistance at every integration stage, from functional analysis, through technical design, QA and implementation, to providing 24/7/365 support. All that to ensure uninterrupted infrastructure operation.

Multishoring in numbers

Performance examples

50 +

integrated systems in one project

300 +

integration interfaces in a single project

1 000 000 +

transactions monthly on one payment rail

< 20 ms

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is Azure Logic Apps? 

    Azure Logic Apps is a cloud-based integration service manufactured by Microsoft that allows users to create and manage complex workflows that integrate with various systems and applications. It provides a user-friendly platform for building highly scalable integration solutions, offering a wide range of pre-built connectors that integrate with popular SaaS applications, on-premises systems, and cloud-based services.

    What is iPaaS?

    IPaaS stands for “Integration Platform as a Service.” A term is used to describe a set of automated tools that integrate data and IT systems that are deployed in different environments, including on-premises and in both public and private clouds.
    Typically, an IPaaS platform includes pre-built connectors, business rules, maps, and transformations that facilitate the development of applications and orchestrate integration flows. Moreover, iPaaS providers often offer custom development kits to help their clients modernize legacy applications and add capabilities such as mobile support, integration with social platforms, and business data integration & management.

    What are Azure Logic Apps’ capabilities? 

    Azure Logic Apps provides a wide range of capabilities to help users build, manage, and run complex workflows and automation processes. They include:

    • Visual Designer: Azure Logic Apps provides a visual design interface that enables users to build workflows and automation processes using drag-and-drop functionalities without the need for complex coding.
    • Connectors: Azure Logic Apps offers a broad range of pre-built connectors that can integrate with various systems, applications, and services, including SaaS applications, on-premises systems, and cloud-based services.
    • Workflow management: Azure Logic Apps allows users to manage workflows, monitor progress, and identify and troubleshoot issues quickly with built-in logging and error-handling capabilities.
    • Scalability: Azure Logic Apps is a serverless and scalable platform that can handle workflows of any size, enabling users to build and run integration solutions at any scale.
    • Integration with Azure Services: Azure Logic Apps is deeply integrated with other Azure services such as Azure Functions, Azure Service Bus, and Azure Event Grid, enabling users to build complex integration solutions that span across multiple Azure services.

    What are the benefits of using Azure Logic Apps? 

    Azure Logic Apps provides numerous benefits to organizations looking for a scalable and reliable solution for enterprise application integration and to connect business processes across various systems and applications. They include:

    • Scalability: Azure Logic Apps is a serverless platform that can scale up or down automatically based on workload demands, allowing organizations to handle workflows of any size without worrying about capacity constraints.
    • Flexibility: Azure Logic Apps offers a broad range of pre-built connectors and integration capabilities, making it easy to connect and integrate with various systems, applications, and services.
    • No need for complex coding: Azure Logic Apps provides a visual design interface that enables users to build workflows and automation processes using drag-and-drop functionalities without the need for complex coding.
    • Time and cost savings: By automating integration workflows and processes, Azure Logic Apps can help organizations save time and reduce costs associated with manual processes and system integrations.
    • Monitoring and management: Azure Logic Apps comes equipped with built-in monitoring and management features, including logging, error handling, and integration with Azure Monitor, making it easy to track workflow progress and quickly diagnose issues.
    • Security: Azure Logic Apps provides robust security features, including role-based access control, data encryption, and network security, to ensure data privacy and compliance with industry standards.
    • Integration with DevOps: Azure Logic Apps can be easily integrated with DevOps tools and processes, allowing organizations to manage their integration workflows as part of their overall DevOps strategy.
    • Enhanced customer experience: By streamlining their integration workflows, organizations can improve their customer experience by delivering services and applications faster and more efficiently.

    How does Azure Logic Apps integrate with BizTalk? 

    Azure Logic Apps and BizTalk are two integration platforms offered by Microsoft that can work together to provide a comprehensive hybrid integration solution, where BizTalk can be used for on-premises integration scenarios, and Azure Logic Apps can be used for cloud-based integration scenarios.

    You can connect Azure Logic Apps with BizTalk using a BizTalk connector for Azure Logic Apps. This enables organizations to take advantage of the scalability and flexibility of Azure Logic Apps while still leveraging their existing investments in BizTalk. With the BizTalk connector, users can easily create a Logic Apps workflow that includes BizTalk Server as one of the endpoints, making it simple to integrate with other systems and applications.

    Leverage both Azure Logic Apps and BizTalk Server for a seamless blend of on-premises and cloud-based integration.

    Contact us to discuss how our BizTalk consulting expertise can help you create a robust hybrid integration solution!

    What are Azure Logic Apps editions? 

    The Azure Logic Apps platform offers two editions: Standard Plan and Consumption Plan. Here are some details about each edition:

    • The Logic Apps Standard plan supports local development on Windows, Linux and Mac, offers a new layout engine that supports complex workflows, and enables Logic Apps custom connector extensions. Leverage the containerized runtime to run Logic Apps locally, in the cloud, or on premises with virtual network capabilities.
    • Consumption Plan is a  pay-as-you-go pricing model that charges based on triggers and actions that are specified in a logic app. Running in a multi-tenant environment, this plan also leverages connectors, which provide users with access to SaaS applications and on-premise data sources.

    Connectors make it easy to unlock data and applications behind the firewall, securely connect to cloud-based services and take advantage of rich integration leveraging on-premises systems you’re already invested in. Every time a Logic App definition runs the triggers, action and connector executions are metered.
    For current prices of both editions visit this page.

    What is a logic app in Azure?

    A logic app is a general term used to describe any type of workflow or process automation that can be created using various tools or platforms, including Microsoft Logic Apps, Microsoft Power Automate, Zapier, and AWS Step Functions. In the context of Azure, a logic app specifically refers to a workflow or process automation created using the Azure Logic Apps platform.

    Is support available from Microsoft during Azure Logic Apps implementation? 

    Yes, Microsoft offers support during Azure Logic Apps implementation through a variety of channels, including:

    • Azure Support Team that also covers the Azure Logic Apps platform
    • Microsoft Docs offering comprehensive documentation for the Azure Logic Apps service
    • The Microsoft Tech Community that is a platform where users can connect with experts and peers to get advice, share best practices, and ask questions.
    • Professional Services – if you need additional help with Azure Logic Apps implementation, Microsoft offers professional services either itself or through its trusted partners such as Multishoring that can provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs.

    How long does it take to implement Azure Logic Apps? 

    The time it takes to implement the Azure Logic Apps platform depends on several factors, including:

    • Workflow complexity: The more complex your workflow is, the longer it will take to implement. Workflows with many steps, complex branching logic, or multiple integrations will take longer to build than simpler workflows.
    • Integration requirements: If you need to integrate with multiple services or systems, you’ll need to spend more time setting up and configuring those integrations.
    • Familiarity with Azure Logic Apps: If you’re new to Azure Logic Apps, it will take some time to learn how the platform works and how to build workflows. If you’re already familiar with the platform, implementation will likely be faster.
    • Testing and debugging: It’s important to thoroughly test and debug your Logic App to ensure it works as intended. The more testing and debugging you need to do, the longer implementation will take.

    If you need an experienced team of certified Azure Logic Apps integration developers to make modifications or changes to your simple integration projects, or if you want professional and certified Azure Logic Apps consultants to support your more complex integrations, just let us know. We will be happy to help!