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Java Spring Web Development with vFabric

Java Spring Web Development with the VMware vFabric platform is another important area of expertise area. We have carried out development projects of data-intensive Java-based web, mobile, and social applications using the vFabric family of products several times and will be keen on taking advantage of this experience to build the app for you.

vFabric is an integrated application platform for virtual and cloud environments. It combines the Spring development framework for Java and the latest generation of vFabric application services for building, deploying and running modern applications. We have intense experience in using all of the vFabric applications, including:

– Runtime products: VMware vFabric tc Server (Java application servers built on Apache Tomcat), VMware vFabric Web Server and VMware Enterprise Ready Server (web servers built on Apache HTTP server), VMware vFabric EM4J (a tool for sharing memory among Java VMs without degrading performance);

– Data products: VMware vFabric SQL Fire (an in-memory distributed SQL database), VMware vFabric GemFire (an in-memory scalable data fabric for reducing workloads on existing databases and accelerating application performance), VMware vFabric Postgres (an Enterprise-Class VMware-Optimized Relational Database), VMware vFabric Rabbit MQ (a message server to speed up, scale, and integrate your applications);

– Management products: VMware vFabric Data Director (unified database virtualization and lifecycle management to reduce database sprawl and accelerate application development), VMware vFabric Application Director (automated provisioning of application infrastructure), VMware vFabric Application Performance Manager  (for fixing performance problems), VMware vFabric Hyperic (for monitoring custom web applications).

With the VMware vFabric, you can accelerate your development of Java Spring web applications, and scale them effortlessly. We encourage you to benefit from the vFabric platform in building your applications in a cost-effective nearshoring model with