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IT Help Desk Outsourcing

Multishoring IT Help Desk Center delivers the following services:

  • Service Desk
  • Technical Management
  • IT Operations Management
  • Application Management

Multishoring’s help desk processes are based on ITIL 2011 edition best practices which allows faster and more efficient troubleshooting of IT service requests. The Help Desk team works in shifts securing full 24/7 availability. This enables us to provide services not only to local and European companies but also to those from America.

Outsource your IT help desk to IT Help Desk Center that supports customers with their questions and requests to help them configure, manage and use their IT systems effectively. Help Desk Center offers a comprehensive range of contact center services that deliver custom-tailored solutions and highly personalized service.


When there is any failure or interruption to an IT service or system, the incident is reported to the Help Desk Center either by user phone/Skype call, help desk contact web page or a user email. Microsoft SharePoint portal is used as a user front-end controlling the incident process workflows, managing registers and assets lists (issue register, risk register, software & hardware asset registers), and providing access to the knowledge database and Help Desk & asset inventory reports. The reports allow to review the performance metrics and the level of the service as well as to verify the fulfillment of the SLA conditions. In some projects, the service is used as the software platform.

24/7 Continuity Of The Service

The Help Desk team works in shifts securing full – 24/7 continuity of the service. This allows to provide the services not only to the local and European companies, but also to these from America. The services to the foreign companies are provided in English, and the language skills of some of our employees are confirmed by their studies at the US universities. The process of recruiting, interviewing, and selecting the best employees is well-established and efficient. During the service team formation, customers suggestions and preferences are one of the important factors taken into account.

The Continual Service Improvement process identifies and implements enhancements to IT services that improve the support of business processes. The activities carried within the process allow to increase efficiency and improve cost effectiveness of the entire service lifecycle.

See also the description of how we can take over the support, maintenance and development of your existing application of any size and provide you with cost-effective services in a nearshoring or offshoring model in this area.

Selected Case Studies

US Customer (1)

  • Service: Google Apps support
  • Hours: 12h/workdays 24h/Sat & Sun
  • Help Desk software:
  • Team: account manager (US based), team lead, 3 engineers

Polish Customer

  • Service: WWW application portal, media database
  • Hours: 24h/7
  • Help Desk software: Microsoft SharePoint
  • Team: manager, 4 engineers

US Customer (2)

  • Service: WWW application portal
  • Hours: 8h/workdays
  • Help Desk software: Microsoft SharePoint
  • Team: manager, 3 engineers (incl. 2 US based workers)

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