You have a well-organized IT team facing a business request to be handled by a specific deadline. The problem is that your team is not big or experienced enough to deliver a project as fast as your business requires. Does it sound familiar? There are good chances for that because problems resulting from limited IT resources are common in most companies in the world. Our smart IT delivery approach can make all these businesses limitless and accelerate their IT projects enormously.

Multishoring is an IT sourcing provider with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Over this time, we have seen repeatedly how companies cope with the problems resulting from being limited by their currently available IT resources. Finally, we have come up with a smart IT delivery solution that addresses these problems. It connects the two “shores” of IT sourcing to give you an as-my-own-team experience based on a nearshoring and offshoring basis. This model delivery is supported by our strategic consulting services to help you bring your ideas to life in the best possible way.

Smart IT service delivery – combined benefits of nearshoring and offshoring

Our approach brings you all the benefits associated with the two “shores” of IT outsourcing, as well as resulting from the synergy between nearshoring and offshoring.
Smart IT service delivery

Hybrid Polish-local teams that you feel like your own

It means easy and flexible access to over 4,500 highly-skilled developers in one of the best countries to outsource from (Poland) and 500 experienced consultants and senior developers located across the whole U.S.A. and other major Western countries. The model of cooperation with personal meetings, whenever needed, ensures that you feel our developers as your own onsite team, even if most of the work is done remotely.

IT teams right there where you need them

You can have your additional team of IT developers exactly where you need, for example, only in the U.S.A. or Poland, or we can create a mixed team for you. That gives you the flexibility modern IT departments require to address various challenges their business put in front of them.

Poland codes while you sleep

The benefits associated with accelerating IT projects resulting from combining nearshoring and offshoring are best visible in projects for countries distant geographically from Poland, such as the U.S.A.. In such cases, arrangements between the client and the project manager on the Multishoring side can be made over the course of the day while the programming work is performed while the client’s team is asleep. The effect is as if you were working on a project in two shifts.

Transparent way to get to the contract

Our smart IT delivery approach also includes a transparent way to get to the contract through four parallel paths. We also make sure that there is a match between our companies based on similar values to ensure smooth cooperation.

The solution tailored to your needs

We craft our solution based on the following process, which precedes the signing of the contract.

  • Business case – we start with a discovery session to learn more about your custom software development needs and then based on the findings we define the scope of the project and prioritize the work. The path ends with a detailed proposal that includes findings from other parallel sessions
  • Technical sessions – during the technical discovery workshops we outline the integration/deployment/software development plan and make sure we understand any technical issues we may come across during the project and that we are able to resolve them
  • Security issues – as part of this path we verify your security requirements and outline the solutions for any security issues we may encounter
  • Commercial and legal staff – in parallel we process the NDA agreement and draft the terms and conditions of the final agreement

A match based on similar values

We believe IT partnerships should be based on values that will guide both parties through cooperation. That’s why we will make sure during the pre-contract phase that the values we believe in – including mutually rewarding relationships, improving standards of quality, sustainability, and business ethics – are shared by you as well. When core values are shared, partnerships will thrive over the short and long term, for sustainable success.

Consulting services to help bring your ideas to life 

Strategic consulting services are an integral part of our smart approach to IT delivery. Their purpose is to help you verify your ideas and bring them to life in the best possible way.

Why before what

Find “Why?” first to be able to help in solving the problem – that’s what we believe in. You need to know “Why” before “What” to get a good understanding of the problem behind the decision to contact our organization, as well as the situation that led to that decision. Only in this way we can offer advice on whether the software development solution you have in mind is the best and if not to suggest improvements.

Help in clarifying your ideas

Our senior staff will help you in clarifying your ideas and transform them into requirements during in-person meetings. During our strategic consultations, you will get the solutions with their business values identified, as we are focused to meet both the technological and business success criteria of the solution. By performing our project value analysis we describe our understanding of business challenges and how the idea will contribute to the value chain in the customer’s organization.

Delivering your ideas with the best utilization of your current technology stack

After determining the requirements for the new product and the product roadmap, we also analyze your current technology stack to ensure its best utilization while working on the new product. Only then do our developers start coding your ideas. We coordinate the whole work and deliver the project based on Agile and DevOps principles.

Going beyond the scope of IT delivery

Multishoring also provides other strategy consultancy services that go beyond the scope of IT delivery. They include:

  • New development ideas – managing the given product/solution “big picture” from internal and vendor perspectives
  • General market trends – inspiring on how to assure the best possible outcomes from the given product/solution
  • Way of working with product/solution – creating procedures for user training, onboarding procedures, and best practices of working with the product/solution

Continuous quality control and improvement

We use an IT service management model compliant with the ITIL set of practices, and we have in place procedures regarding such areas as knowledge management, change management, incident management, and service transition to another provider. All of our activities can be measured with KPIs and we are able to improve in metrics year over year. All this is to ensure continuous quality control and improvement of our services.

IT service delivery tools we use

We use several tools and frameworks to accelerate our work. That includes DevOps automation tools and platforms, frameworks for IT integration, ideation, and MVP creation projects, as well as several tools and methods for knowledge sharing, quality control and continuous improvement.

Accelerate your projects with our smart IT delivery! 

Talk in person and in your time zone with senior business analysts, architects and project managers to clarify your ideas and set requirements. Let our developers code your ideas while you sleep. These are the combined benefits of nearshoring and offshoring. Add to that a transparent way to get to the contract and our strategic consulting services to help you deliver your ideas in the best possible way, and you know all that there is to know about our IT smart delivery approach. Use it to get limitless and accelerate your IT projects. Try us. Send us your RFP!