Software Support & Maintenance offers IT support and software maintenance services in a nearshoring and/ or an offshoring model.  We can take over the technical support, maintenance and development of your  existing application of any size and start to provide you with cost-effective real-time software support, maintenance and development services.

How Do We Start To Provide IT Support & Software Maintenance?
IT Support & Software Maintenance – Flexible Service Package
IT Support & Software Maintenance – How Does It Look Like In Practice?
IT support of small systems


How Do We Start To Provide IT Support  & Software Maintenance?

The cooperation usually starts with a personal meeting – at the stage before signing the agreement. During the meeting, our software support and maintenance consultant get initially accustomed with an IT system to be covered by our Technical Support & Maintenance department. There is also an initial task and a trial period set up, which is to allow a client to get familiar with the standard of our services. The time of this trial period may vary, depending on the size of the IT system we are supposed to take over the support and maintenance.

For e.g. a medium-sized IT system, the trial period lasts for about 1-1,5 months.  In the first week of collaboration all support and maintenance tasks are performed remotely – on a shared screen, together with a client’s IT person. From the second week, 1 hour of consultation a day is sufficient to discuss any problems that have arisen during the day.

After the trial period we are fully ready to take over the provision of technical support, maintenance and development of an IT system. If the client is also convinced of our ability to take on tasks in technical software support, maintenance development, the cooperation is formalized. Then the operation is performed in a multishoring model. If a personal encounter with the client is needed, it is organized according to the needs. In other cases, the IT support and maintenance operations are carried out remotely by Technical Support & Maintenance department.


IT Support & Software Maintenance – Flexible Service Package

After formalizing the cooperation, we allocate the agreed bank of time to be used for IT support and maintenance tasks, giving clients the confidence that they have a resource to call in to help, guide and support them as they use and develop their IT systems. Clients can call against this time as needed. We will then schedule the time if it is required and then will inform a client of how much time a particular request will cost in time before it is started. Additional support days are available for purchase as needed. Where a client does not require support for specific systems, the Flexible Service Package also covers consultancy and development. This allows our clients to use our services as required for a broad range of projects.


IT Support & Software Maintenance – How Does It Look Like In Practice?

We always take a pro-active approach to the area of providing support, maintenance and other services. Over and above simply providing a reactive fault resolution service, we offer a service which delivers preventative maintenance, regular system checks and managed application of patches and updates. Additionally, if required, we also manage the system, making changes to functionality or installing additional features as required. Our clients can also take advantage of our IT development and consultancy services.

Management of supported IT systems

Our clients may call to make changes to the current system configuration or install new functionality. We will agree the requirements for these changes and inform a client as to how long the changes will take. The work will then be scheduled and carried out by our IT support and maintenance staff.

Software Maintenance

We perform regular checks on the supported system to ensure that it continues to function optimally. As updates are released, we advise clients when patching is required and undertake the work required to update the supported systems. The time taken to perform these checks and updates is deducted from the support time remaining.

Maintenance tasks are managed by and do not require a request from a client to instigate a system check or update. However, the work required is carried out by arrangement between and a client to minimise disruption to service.

IT Development

Our clients may ask to create new functionality using time from the agreed bank of days. We will advise a client if time is required to create a detailed specification in order to accurately estimate the time required to develop new functionality. Our clients may then elect to spend the appropriate number of days from the time remaining to deliver the requirements and provide development.

IT Consultancy

Our clients may ask to deliver on-site consultancy for advice or work on an area outside of any systems covered by a support arrangement. We will deduct the time used from the bank of days as appropriate.

IT Support

Should our clients experience a fault with the supported system they may call upon to investigate and resolve the fault. As part of this service, we usually are able to utilise additional support from manufacturers of supported systems, if necessary. The time spent by the’s staff to resolve the fault is deducted from the support time remaining.


IT support of small systems

Having several small IT systems that do not qualify for a large IT support contract because of their size can be a real nagging pain in the neck – but we can take care of them for you too! Learn more


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