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Your company is in urgent need of expediting its computer systems integration projects. Regrettably, the absence of IT integration specialists within your IT team is impeding your ability to meet project deadlines. However, worry not! We offer a solution that can aid you in this dilemma. Access our adept EAI & B2B integration specialists, renowned for delivering dependable IT integration services and systems integration consulting. With their expertise, you can reliably execute all your integration projects, following best practices, meeting deadlines, and surpassing your business expectations.

Systems Integration Consulting & IT Integration Service – How Can We Be Of Assistance?

We offer our system integration services through our Integration Framework, a collection of readily deployable components tailored for swift utilization in IT integrations. Its implementation enables the preservation of software integration solutions’ coherence, reduction of design and development duration, and enhancement of overall quality.

Our integration framework is applicable in the following types of IT integrations:

Different IT integration models

Different IT integration models

Comprehensive systems integration consulting & IT integration service

  • Technology and security consulting

    (also related to licensing). Information infrastructure audit and testing, project analysis and planning, IT integration architecture design, process, and data modeling

  • Implementation

    ranging from full-scale enterprise integration implementation to upgrades or smaller integration solutions

  • DevOps

  • Testing Automation

  • Build & deployment automation

  • Support and managed services

    regarding the implemented solution

IT Integration Service & Systems Integration Consulting – How Can Multishoring Help You?

Support of the Most Popular IT Integration Platforms

If you’re uncertain about selecting the right IT integration platform for your project, our experts will offer valuable guidance to aid in your decision-making process. Moreover, they will assist you throughout all the phases of developing your system integration solutions. Our proficiency in middleware technology encompasses various platforms, such as:

An example of cloud-based integration, e.g. Salesforce with Azure SQL and other apps through API Management

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Find the Ideal Systems Integration Consulting Services for Your Business!

Put an end to your quest for an integration service offering, systems integration provider, or IT integration specialists to enhance your team. Opt for our system integration services, founded on a well-established integration framework, to expedite any form of IT integration. With extensive years of experience, a team comprising highly skilled senior integration developers, and employing the finest processes and tools for IT integration projects, we stand as an excellent choice. Additionally, being located in a leading outsourcing destination adds to our appeal. As your systems integration consulting provider, let us serve as your comprehensive solution for all your integration requirements!



What are consulting and system integration services?

You have the opportunity to elevate your IT environment by consolidating both its physical and virtual elements into a unified system via system integration services. Physical components encompass computer hardware and mechanical systems, while virtual elements consist of data stored in databases, software, and applications.

Our system integration solutions empower you to amalgamate these components, establishing a smooth and unified system. We highly recommend leveraging our consulting and system integration services to tackle any IT integration challenges you encounter.

What are the advantages of Systems & IT integration services?

Collaborating with an experienced systems integration consulting company offers access to professional IT system integration services, enabling you to:

  • Maintain a consistent data flow among your IT systems.
  • Improve data accessibility.
  • Promote efficient collaboration across departments.
  • Facilitate better business intelligence and reporting.
  • Enhance overall productivity.

Why IT integration is so challenging?

IT integration is a time-intensive process that involves several stages including development, testing, and implementation. Each stage presents its own set of challenges. Additionally, the diverse array of systems in operation, each with its specific purposes and frequent customizations, renders each integration project distinctive. This underscores the significance of engaging experienced integration specialists who offer professional IT integration service solutions. These experts skillfully handle intricate integration projects, surmounting time limitations, and operating efficiently even in the absence of complete specifications.

What does it mean that you offer a comprehensive IT integration service offering?

We merge advisory and implementation services to assist clients in crafting effective system integration solutions. Our process comprises various stages: evaluating and strategizing software integration, establishing a governance model, designing integration architecture, deploying solutions, and maintaining the integrated environment. Through our comprehensive approach, you can conveniently access the required expertise in a single location, ensuring a smooth experience with our IT integration service.


What is a consulting and system integration services role in a project?

Consulting and system integration services play a crucial role in a project’s success. A specialized system integrator, focusing on system integration consulting and services, offers vital expertise to clients lacking internal resources in this domain. Our company facilitates the seamless integration of technological systems and software, ensuring smooth compatibility. Our integration consultants oversee the entire process, from planning and setup to installation, ensuring a flawless outcome.

Moreover, systems integration consulting involves guidance on amalgamating various software solutions, providing services such as design, implementation, and integration solution testing. The system integrator also offers post-installation support and troubleshooting as part of their software integration services. This comprehensive approach ensures the successful integration of IT systems into the project, reinforcing its efficiency and functionality.

What is B2B integration and what are its main benefits?

B2B integration refers to the automation of business systems and communication between two or more companies. It offers numerous advantages, including:

  • Cost savings for all involved – By utilizing a unified technological platform, expenses related to managing consumers, distributors, manufacturers, supply chains, and other partners through human interactions can be eliminated.
  • Scalability and operational flexibility – Standard administrative interfaces and infrastructure enable the connection of multiple systems and applications, allowing proactive resolution of operational issues.
  • Improved data accuracy – Real-time validation of data fields against business standards ensures that transmitted information is consistently accurate and accessible.
  • Streamlined trading partner onboarding – Automate trading partner onboarding procedures with stringent role-based authentication standards to enhance and expand your trade partner network.
  • Real-time visibility and control – Regardless of B2B transaction types or volumes, accurate and timely information transmission across partner systems is guaranteed. Centralize communication gateways for real-time visibility and control.
  • Enhanced relationships with trading partners – B2B integration enhances interaction and collaboration with trade partners, ensuring mutually beneficial and enduring relationships.

Why is B2B integration and systems integration consulting important?

Systems integration consulting plays a pivotal role in B2B integration. By automating essential business processes, companies can improve their operational efficiency and conduct seamless trade with customers, supply chains, and partners. Integration eradicates manual interventions and promotes a standardized flow of information through a unified platform. This facilitates the establishment of centralized repositories containing accurate and current data accessible to all partners without compromising accuracy or consistency.