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Your organization is going through a digital transformation process and is confronted with several challenges regarding telecommunication software development, software systems integration, telecom devices implementation, as well as network designing, implementation, and orchestration. The problem is that your IT team is not big enough to tackle all these challenges, which makes you unable to move forward with your projects at the speed your business expects. Don’t worry! We can help by giving you access to professional telecommunication software development and IT systems integration specialists and telecom hardware equipment implementation consultants. They will help you deliver your telecom software and hardware solutions fast, using best practices, and meeting all your business expectations no matter if it is USA, Canada or Europe based project.


Our Telecom Software Development, IT Systems Integration & Telecom Equipment Services

The projects we offer our clients from the telecommunications industry include:


  • You need developers to extend or scale up your team – we can help by enabling you to scale your team up or extend it with additional developers (more)

  • You need a custom software development team – we can help by giving you an experienced custom software development team. (more)

  • You need developers for your cloud enablement projects – we can help by giving you access to our professional cloud developers (more)

  • You need developers for your IoT projects – we can help by giving you access to our professional IoT developers (more)

  • You need developers for application reengineering and software migration – we can help by giving you access to our software upgrade & migration experts (more)

  • You need IT integration specialists – we can help by providing you with our IT systems integration solutions (more)

  • You need specialists to design, implement and orchestrate your network – we can help by giving you access to our experienced network experts


  • You need telecom equipment and specialists to implement it – we can help by giving you access to telecom & network equipment as well as specialists to implement and maintain it

  • You need an IT help desk for your internal users and clients – we can help by providing you with 24/7 IT help desk services (more)


What Custom Software Can We Create for You?

Our telecom software development consultants can help you with the following tasks:


  • Entertain your customers with e.g. games for mobile/PC/console, VR solutions, content streaming solutions

  • Transform your old-fashioned business into a digital business with online media platforms, digital media apps, omnichannel e-commerce solutions, VoIP-based solutions


  • Improve business processes and communication and collaboration (e.g. intranet/ extranet platforms; collaboration and cooperation software)


  • Integrating the new app with your other IT stack


  • Testing & test automation


  • Software support & maintenance


Technology in the Telecom Industry We Excel In

Our developers can support you with all the hottest technologies in the telecom industry, including:


  • 5G

    5G is a huge opportunity for the telecom industry. The technology can be used by telecommunication companies to maximize coverage across the country and harness fixed wireless to expand high-speed broadband availability. Also, telecoms can take advantage of 5G to reimagine their products and services for individuals and businesses. The potential projects include smart cities, smart roads, smart cars (and especially those with autonomous driving), home automation, IoT implementations, and private 5G. We can assist you with all these projects.

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

    By using our IoT development services, you will have complete control over your data, and you get to store it wherever you want. Our IoT development department helps start-ups and enterprises to build intelligent IoT solutions and convert analogy products into digital products using IoT software services platforms, firmware, and sensors.

  • Cloud computing

    Cloud computing unlocks a variety of new business opportunities for telecommunication companies. With cloud solutions, you can create and deliver smarter services to generate new revenue streams and increase differentiation, personalize customer engagements to optimize value with compelling marketing, shopping, and service experience, build smarter networks to optimize and monetize next generations, and transform operation to achieve business and service excellence. We can help in all these areas.

  • Edge Computing

    Edge computing can provide resources to move the computation away from data centers to the edge of a network. Also, it can make intelligent objects increase their network performance on behalf of the cloud. Moreover, edge computing can speed up the processing of real-time data collection and send it through different connected devices. Do you need experts on this technology? Happy to help!

Telecommunication Network Designing, Implementation & Orchestration

We design and implement telecommunication networks: both small and local ones, as well as complex systems used by mobile and landline operators. We provide comprehensive support — from network design, through installation and logistics services, to technical assistance.

  • Point-to-point radio connections

  • Data transmission

  • CPE devices

  • Network management

  • 24/7/365 support

  • Continuous network monitoring

  • Rapid response to failures and incidents

Telecom & Network Equipment

Are you looking for components to build computer and telecommunication networks? We offer both active and passive network components. We will also help you with installation and maintenance.

  • Delivery, installation, and equipment maintenance

  • Solutions from the world’s best manufacturers, including NEC, ADVA, Transmode

  • Microwave radio links

  • Optical transmission solutions

  • Multiplexer systems

  • OSS Operations Support System

24/7 IT Helpdesk

Do you want to provide IT support for your employees and clients? Use our 24/7 IT helpdesk services.

  • Predictable, optimized costs

  • Hardware and software support

  • 24/7/365 availability

  • In-house ITSM system with a portal and mobile application

  • Wide range of competencies

  • Multiple languages

  • Full adaptation to the needs of your business

  • ITIL best practices

How Can You Start Using Telecommunication Software Development Services from Multishoring?

We follow a very detailed process described briefly below to provide our clients with high-quality telecommunication software development and other services for telecom companies.


Why Use Telecommunication Software Development, Integrations & Telecom Equipment Implementation Services From Multishoring?

  • We are one of the largest and most experienced IT outsourcing companies in Poland

  • High-quality IT services thanks to well-defined processes

  • Custom software development process based on Agile and DevOps principles.

  • Easy and flexible access to over 3,000 developers in one of the best countries to outsource from (Poland), including developers experienced in projects for the telecom industry

  • 500 experienced consultants and senior developers (including with specialization in telecom software development) located across the whole U.S.A. and other major Western countries

  • Like-your-own-team experience – the model of cooperation with personal meetings whenever needed ensures that you feel our developers as your own onsite team, even if most of the work is done remotely

Hire the Best Telecommunication Software Development Company

Hire us and have all your IT needs to be covered in one place, including telecommunication software development, IT systems integrations, telecom devices implementation, as well as network designing, implementation, and orchestration. Our telecom developers and consultants will help you with all your digital transformation projects using best practices, on time, and meeting all your business expectations. Smartly cooperate with them based on a nearshoring and offshoring basis. You don’t need to look any longer. We have years of experience, dozens of telecommunications software developers, and mature processes. Ask us for a proposal.



What is telecommunication software development?

With telecommunication software development services you can create IT systems helping you manage electronic data exchange through wireless media such as radio, telephone, smartphones, television, computers, cloud-based interfaces, and more. Because the industry changes just when you thought you knew all about it, owners and employees must adapt to new technologies and the constantly changing environment.

Telecom software development involves many technologies and features such as detailed and precise design architecture, research and development (R&D) divisions, network organizations, and many other functions.

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What are the main challenges for custom telecommunication software development?

There are several challenges involved in a custom telecommunication software development project. They include:

  • High costs – telecommunication networks require an extensive, cost-intensive foundation. Nevertheless, consider it an investment, for telecom solutions often become cheaper and profitable in the long run.
  • Weak customer service – Clients should always be a priority because they represent income. There are many telecom software development services to choose from; therefore, competition among telecom companies is fierce. Creating a quality shopping experience by providing leads and users an online personal customer service will make your company stand out. Plus, customer engagement will increase faster once the system solves their doubts instantly.
  • Unexpected outages – Nothing is predictable, but we can anticipate certain risks. Equipment failure, hacking attacks, network clogging, and other possible complications might happen surprisingly. As a result, it will harm the company’s performance and reliability. This is why it is imperative to choose a professional telecommunication software development company.
  • Invoice and payment trackers – It is challenging for providers to bill telecom clients if there is no system to track payments, invoices, and other financial documents. It is highly recommendable to include a feature like this among your telecom software solutions to avoid fiscal issues.
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What are the main benefits of telecommunication software development services from Multushoring?

In Multishoring, our priority is to provide telecommunication companies with the engineering structures needed to stimulate their digital transformation, including designing, system management, data storage, and custom software solutions.

Some advantages of hiring Multishoring include:

  • custom software features adjusted to your telecom business’ requirements
  • smooth-running software that is easy to use for customers and employees
  • advanced skills and updated knowledge from our IT specialists
  • long-term support and partnership
  • dedicated telecom developers who will have your business needs as a priority, and expertise to guarantee a job that meets your needs
  • comprehensive support to cover all your other IT needs, including software systems integration, telecom devices implementation, as well as network designing, implementation, and orchestration


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