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Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is an online software development platform that automates your business process and creates custom web/mobile applications. It is a cloud-based software that allows for the creation of custom applications in days rather than weeks.

When you create an app, the application creator or owner makes it for their needs. The app user can control who views their profile and what information they see about themselves and other people in that database. Zoho Creator can integrate with other Zoho products to make your work go more efficiently.

The main aim of this software is to help small businesses grow by allowing them to create custom-built websites in minutes that can be accessed anywhere. 

The three key features are : 

  1. A drag & drop interface that allows users easy management over content, designs, and more.
  2. Mobile-Friendly Technology so your site looks good across all desktop devices, including laptops or tablets (even when zoomed out).

You can find our team of experts who will help automate your workflow, cut down on costs, increase efficiency, and boost productivity for you – all while providing high-quality service!



Zoho Creator is an online software development platform that offers cloud-based business process automation services. It allows you to automate your business processes and create custom web and mobile applications with the use of drag-and-drop tools. You can find our team of experts in Zoho Creator services who will help automate your workflow, cut down on costs, increase efficiency, and boost productivity for you – all while providing high-quality service!

You are looking for experts at Zoho Creator. You can see how to choose the best features in Zoho Creator. We have a wide range of custom solutions that will automate your business processes and automate workflows by integrating with various applications, create custom apps, automate business users data management tasks using workflow rules, connect internal systems or cloud-based platforms from Zoho with your Zoho Creator apps, automate approval processes for faster approvals and real-time decisions from employees across the globe.

What is Zoho Creator?

Zoho Creator is cloud software for entrepreneurs to create custom applications in days rather than weeks. You can collect data and automate business processes or workflows with ZOOnote’s drag-and-drop interface, enabling you to do it all without prior coding experience! Reports will help analyze your information faster so that either an app user could benefit from the insight found within them too.

With the help of Zoho Creator, you can easily automate your business process on a more convenient platform. You don’t need to worry about maintenance or hosting as it will all happen automatically through this software program that comes equipped with native mobile apps so users can access real-time data anytime, anywhere!

The Zoho Creator user interface supports two different roles.

  • Application Creator or Application Owner – An individual who creates the application to meet their needs (example: Project Manager who needs to keep track of all projects). They may use an app like “Project Tracker” to ensure there are no mix-ups.
  • Users – the client’s application is a place where you can control who views your profile. You might think of this as something like Facebook. Still, instead, it will only show information about yourself and other people in the database- meaning employees or clients would be able to view certain sections of our app without any worries!

Most popular Zoho Creator integrations with

Our Company has expertise in all kinds of Zoho Creator integrations; if you are looking for a Zoho integrator, contact us today!

Zoho CRM

Increase your productivity and efficiency by scheduling workflows, automating notifications in Zoho Creator, using CRM to enhance customer engagements.

Zoho Books

Integrate Creator and Books for a seamless workflow that will help you save time, money on invoices, financial compliance.

ERP integrations

With Zoho Creator, it is easier than ever to integrate your business applications with the most popular enterprise systems. You will be able to connect seamlessly using any data you want and export all this information into one place for better analysis of trends or other vital insights!

Zoho Invoice

When you automate payment reminders with Zoho Creator, get paid faster by using professional invoices from Zoho Invoice.

Paypal (Payments)

Payments are made more accessible when you accept payments with PayPal accounts. Set up your Zoho Creator account, and use it for paying suppliers or customers to make things more convenient on both ends of the transaction!

Twilio (SMS)

With Zoho Creator and Twilio, you can send instant notifications to your customers’ phones with just a few clicks.


Migrate your legacy applications to Zoho Creator. This way, you can enjoy a smoother experience while improving on some of the issues holding back productivity in your organization!

External Databases

Zoho Creator provides an easy way to integrate with various databases, including Relational DBMS and NoSQL databases. The online software is well equipped for use in cloud environments as well!


Zoho Creator is the perfect app for anyone looking to create customized CRMs. It not only works with Salesforce, but it also automates workflows and blends data in a way that saves you time!

Zoho Recruit

Recruit is the only hiring solution you need to help with your automation and data. Use it for exclusive needs, like converting hires into employees using LinkedIn integrations or even just sending them an email!


You can have a customized Zoho Creator app that integrates with QuickBooks and helps you manage your accounts, generate invoices, or even send out payment reminders.

Zoho Creator Attractive Features

To remain a competitive business in today’s cutthroat market, companies must continuously enhance their processes. Thanks to software like Zoho Creator that fine-tunes each process and prevents higher costs while motivating employees for better results with less work completed by them or lower revenues. There is no shortage of BPM tools available, which makes it hard not to stand out among the rest; however, this particular program has prominent functionalities such as creating forms on-demand, so you don’t need an IT person at all!

Graphical Interface Layer

With Zoho Creator, you can create database tables and forms with various types of components. For instance, there is a radio button selection for single-line texts or checkboxes that need only one option to be checked from many options available on the screen at once. You also have dropdowns that provide choices based on specific criteria like input fields where multiple lines may be entered, so it’s easy enough even without programming knowledge!

In addition, this tool offers users numerous ways to keep things simple yet effective, such as using numbers instead of text entry if desired- all through drag & drop functionality right inside your browser window.

Custom Workflow, Business Automation

The Zoho Creator is a business process automation system that allows users to create and customize forms. It also includes deluge-scripting, which can automate specific tasks with logic based on input values from the user interface (UI). In addition to simplifying data entry for businesses that have limited resources or are new in their field of work, this tool provides their efficiency by using intelligence, so every step taken during a workflow goes smoothly without any hassle on behalf of those who manage; it!

Secure Sharing, Accessing, And Collaboration

Zoho Creator 5 provides an easy way to share data between teams so everyone has access and can work collaboratively. It allows users to view and edit applications in real-time through URLs sent securely via mobile devices. For added security when accessing these tools on the go, encryption protects your information while you’re browsing without having to worry about someone else snooping around with their device!

 Prebuilt Application Templates

The Zoho Creator 5 provides a pool of ready-to-install business applications. As such, users can create an app from scratch or download prebuilt templates to make customization easier for them and their Company’s needs! To see what is available in the Creator, click here (image).

Along with 50 plus ready-made applications in the app Deck, Creator contains 100 workflows and form templates so that users might realize there’s no need to customize them.

Zoho Creator Integration

Zoho Creator integrates with several Zoho applications to offer easy collaboration across the board. The unified database means that you can search for information in any app, rather than having multiple databases or spreadsheets, which are complex and time-consuming when dealing with lots of data points simultaneously!

 Advanced Capabilities with Zoho Creator Mobile Apps

The mobile apps make the user access the entire Creator 5 applications; they can log into the personalized workspace or shared workspaces. The new Mobile App creator module automatically converts your existing desktop application for smartphones and tablets – no coding required!


Zoho Creator offers an easy way to send time-critical information from anywhere with the SMS notification feature. The tool integrates primary services like Clockwork, Twilio, and Hoiio that can help you deliver timely notifications or alerts when it’s needed most by your clients!


Zoho Creator makes it possible to connect with the external world using programming languages and APIs. Users can also share data from any other platform, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, by accessing those services via Zoho Creator’s Representational State Transfer (REST) API set.

Audit & Log

The Zoho Creator tool is a powerful yet simple-to-use program that allows you to maintain your audit trail to track who has edited or made changes on applications. There are no limits with dedicated customer portals for each user and easy access through the internet portal any time they want it!

Zoho Creator Marketplace

Zoho Creator’s app store has many business applications for education, sales management, human resources, and marketing. Users can post their applications on the marketplace to help others at no cost!

Zoho Creator Reports

The report is one of the main features of Zoho Creator. It facilitates inspecting data, which can be accessed through forms. It helps users make critical decisions about their Company or business with ease as they view different reports such as Calendar Reports, List Reports, Pivot Tables & Charts Summary Reporting Spreadsheet Data.

Simple Workflow Creation

The Zoho teams realized that approvals and notifications are the highly used workflows in a company. They added drag & drop functionality for these essential tasks so that users can create them quickly with ease! Workflow options include hiding fields or sending notifications when something happens without coding anything – even adding advanced features like schedules is simple using Deluge.

Form, Page, and Report Creators

With the form creator module, you can create interactive dashboards and web pages that collect data from various sources with a drag & drop interface. Page Creator offers advanced reporting options like Maps and Timeline views to uncover insights even on mobile devices!

Built-in Camera, Barcode, and Maps Functionality

Creator 5 now provides a camera app that lets you capture an instant, edit it in the BPM Tool and add it to your map. With this new update for Creator’s application with barcode capabilities, Zoho offers its own Barcode scanner so users can easily display data on maps without having any difficulty whatsoever when trying to present information in a way most beneficial, not just aesthetically but also factually too!

Robust Customer Portal

The Zoho Share feature allows enterprises to give access to essential users. The app can be accessed by logging into their private portal with a username and password without having an account on Zoho!

Manage Security

Zoho Creator is a business-centric online suite that allows you to manage your data and apps from one place. You can create lists of authorized websites, check active sessions & auth tokens, and close the account using the IP pass feature!

In addition to these features, ZOOMA provides more security options for users with an easy setup process in minutes instead of long hours spent on complex configurations, which would otherwise be necessary if managing an individual server/domain outside this platform.

Default and Custom Validation

Zoho Creator automatically validates every bit of data to ensure an error-free database. In addition, you can set constraints on fields while creating forms and create custom validation by writing action scripts if desired! With over 30 types in total, including contact numbers or currencies symbols and addresses, the Creator ensures that these are entered correctly with ease using its built-in rules – no tedious typing required (and we all know how much time waste there would be!).

Zoho Creator Advanced Analytics

With the help of advanced analytics, Zoho Creator users can now have insights into their app data by syncing it with a dashboard in Analytics. It makes for insightful dashboards and reports that empower apps with analytical capabilities too!


What language is Zoho written in?

Zoho Creator was written in PHP and ran on Apache web servers.

What is the type of database used by ZOOMA?

Zoho Creator uses MySQL as its default database system – but you can switch to several other compatible databases, including PostgreSQL, MariaDB & MSSQL too!

Where are my data stored?

Your data is safe in India no matter where your apps are hosted. We have cloud hosting centers located worldwide so that users get faster loading speeds at any time during day or night, which means better productivity for everyone involved! Our services are always 100% secure because we use encryption via SSL protocol either way! We also back up everything every hour with automated backups sent offsite daily for added peace of mind!

How many people can use a single Zoho Creator instance?

There is no limit to the number of users that can access a single app. We have multiple system administrators who manage different apps with ease thanks to our robust permissions management, which allows you to create custom roles for each user as per your specific requirements so they can have access to all or particular apps as desired!

What are the system requirements for Zoho Creator?

Zoho Creator can be used on any standard web browser on Windows or Mac OS X with compatible browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome & Internet Explore – no separate software downloads required!

What is meant by Zoho CRM integration?

Zoho CRM can be integrated with Zoho Creator to automate your business processes. This provides an easy way of creating bulk data for lead generation and product uploads automatically!

How do I integrate my apps with Google Analytics or any other system via API?

You can use the built-in XMLRPC scripts or PHP SDK provided by ZOOMA, which will allow you to access various APIs through simple POST requests – thus eliminating all hassles involved in writing complex codes! It makes it quick & effortless to set up webhooks for automatic notifications between both platforms without having to depend on third-party systems that are not always compatible either due to their limitations or because they work only after a separate software is installed into your server!

How many apps can I create?

You can automate as many business processes using Zoho Creator as you like – the only limit is your imagination. It provides for great scalability and flexibility, too- making it perfect for small to medium-sized businesses with limited budgets who need more than just a few basic applications that cannot be customized to their specific requirements!