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Microsoft Lync

Social media platforms are becoming more important in daily life, but businesses can’t use them openly because of security risks and unprofessional appearance. Microsoft Lync is a communication software that is compatible with many different operating systems. It is a platform that lets you contact your partners from anywhere and has a graphic user interface.

Microsoft Lync services can help reduce costs and increase operational efficiency. The best Lync integration services come from Multishoring. Microsoft Lync integration includes a network of instant messages, online status, voice communication, and more.

The Microsoft Lync integrates with many other products to provide an end-to-end experience for employees. It aims at giving them everything they need in one place, from Skype calls and meetings through email distribution lists or social media posts – all synced up automatically, so there’s no hassle on your part!

Businesses should use social media for marketing and customer service. However, they must be careful not to allow their employee’s personal information on these networks because it is unprofessional, which opens them up to hacking risk. 

Companies can also use business messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, which can provide a more formal approach with higher security measures.


Microsoft Lync Integration

Thanks to technology and the Internet, communication nowadays is developing very quickly, and it is nothing like we used to know. What people considered trendy twenty years ago is obsolete for the newest generations. Now, with a few clicks, possibilities are infinite.

Many platforms allow instant contact with people from around the world. Social networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter are among the most prominent media part of contemporary lifestyles. However, they provide users an informal and more personal approach to the people we want to contact. For businesses, having to get their employees through social media is unprofessional and an invasion of privacy. Also, because of hacking risks and data filtration, these networks represent an insecure tool. To solve these issues, many companies have integrated business messaging networks into their activities.

One of the platforms that have helped enterprises to organize and contact their collaborators is Microsoft Lync.

What is Microsoft Lync integration?

Microsoft Lync, part of the Microsoft Office family, is an integrated instant messaging service that allows employers to contact their workers for job-related tasks. It lets users send and receive audio and video calls, create meetings and share documents in one easy-to-use interface.

The Microsoft Lync server has helped many companies improve their communication—therefore, their performance— since 2010. As technology moves forward, Microsoft Lync has evolved to function with the latest software programs. Currently, it is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP with the updated version of Service Pack. In December 2011, The company released a version for Windows Phone, Android, and iOS. With Microsoft Lync, everyone at the office will stay connected!

Benefits of our Microsoft Lync services

With Microsoft Lync, you can benefit from the following features:

  • Better productivity. It will help you locate workers quickly at any given time. Instead of waiting for them to receive and reply to emails or hold on for documents approval, team members can collaborate in real-time with virtual conferencing that includes whiteboards and desktop sharing. Furthermore, you can contact all partners from any Microsoft Office apps. All this from a single, simplified platform!
  • GUI. Lync’s Graphic User Interface delivers a consistent experience irrespective of what device team members use. Any mobile device with Windows, iOS, or Android can use it.
  • Strong privacy. Because all conversations, conferences, and documents will contain the Microsoft Lync platform, workers, employees, and even clients will benefit from a higher degree of security. Everything will stay held in the same technological fortress. It makes it safer than usual messaging interfaces because no one has to leave the corporate intranet. Plus, you can set up the server to forward messages to other systems.
  • Costs administration. Voice over IP (VoIP) technologies allow efficient communication between company locations without being located in different places. With the Microsoft Lync services, you can avoid the charges of long-distance calls, given that they include integrated audio, video, and web conferencing.
  • Operational efficiency. By integrating UC (unified communications), you can reduce delays. A group chat can lead to a better organization among team members to work together. Consequently, they will be able to deliver high-quality chores on time.
  • Adjustments to consumers, associates, and employees’ needs. With the Microsoft Lync integration implementation, people will receive callings that ensure that notifications reach the right person at the right time.


We know there are other instantaneous messaging systems out there. Nevertheless, Microsoft Lync still positions among the most effective ones. Plus, it’s a simple and easy-to-learn platform that allows all workers to use it adequately.

What does our Microsoft Lync integration include?

Multishoring has the best Microsoft Lync implementation services. We know that moving to or installing any server for the first time may be frustrating, for it is complex. That is why we will do it for you. We care for a correct installation in your business devices with all the features this network offers, such as:

  • instant messages,
  • online status,
  • voice communication,
  • synchronized contacts,
  • HD video conferences,
  • different types of ringing such as team ring, simultaneous ring, 
  • voice mail,
  • call forwarding,
  • gallery video view,
  • OneNote sharing, and
  • recording.

Additionally, we also install the latest Lync server features:

  • Availability of contacts stored in any local directory,
  • immediate notifications whether people are working on the same document,
  • real-time multi-client collaboration that enables teamwork on a singular project,
  • gateways and private branch exchange (PBX) to allow the unification of standard switchboards with Lync,
  • PowerPoint presentations that participants can share to add text or  drawings, and
  • virtual desktop to enable instant visual and text content.

Why choose us for Microsoft Lync implementation?

We have done many successful implementations based on the solutions mentioned above. Numerous Microsoft international certifications prove our expertise on the matter. Also, we make sure that the Microsoft Lync implementation has the latest updates to grant your business and its employers an efficient communication system. Our nearshore IT consultants are recommended contractors of projects implemented by Microsoft.

We have over 6,500 completed projects for clients worldwide, including global corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, and public administration and science institutions. W conduct our business by the following values: continuous improvement of quality standards, mutually rewarding relationships, business ethics, and sustainability.


Do not hesitate anymore, and choose Multishoring to start improving your performance at work. Too good to be true? Check out our previous Microsoft Lync projects!