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What Are Technology Partnerships? - technology partnership team
13 October 2023

What Are Technology Partnerships?

Article summary Technology partnerships are a way for an organization to implement and optimize its technical systems with the help of outside parties. Tech partnerships …

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31 August 2023

Multishoring’s 10 Step System Integration Process – Why Integration Methodology Matters!

The system integration process steps you follow determine the quality of the integration project deliverable. If you don’t actively consider and evaluate the need for …

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27 July 2023

Understanding Service Mesh: A Comprehensive Guide

Service mesh adoption is on the rise in today’s tech world, with approximately 85% of companies modernizing their applications to a microservices architecture. As the …

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13 July 2023

A Partnership That Matures Like Fine Wine: A Case Study of IT Integration for Pernod Ricard

In 2012, the weather podcast for Multishoring suggested sunny with a chance of Spirits as Pernod Ricard, the world’s co-leader in wine and spirits, asked …

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19 June 2023

Integration strategy is more than a poster on a wall

A lot of people get overly hung up on the word “strategy” when all it really means is that you have a documented plan for …

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13 June 2023

What is System Integration?

What is integration? How does systems & IT integration services work? Why do integration issues cause some many problems? How can I maximise system integration …

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1 June 2023

Boomi iPaas Solutions Phenomenon: Why 20,000+ Companies Can’t Be Wrong

Did you know that over 20,000 companies, including Fortune 500 corporations and major global brands, have turned to Boomi for their integration needs? Boomi, a …

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24 May 2023

The 7 Most Common Integration Issues… AKA Why system integration projects fail!

Sometimes integrations just stop working. Sometimes they cause datasets to become corrupted. Sometimes this results in unnecessary costs being incurred or potential revenue lost. Sometimes …

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18 May 2023

Data Governance and Security – How Multishoring’s Integration Governance plan stops data security vulnerabilities

Data security and governance is important. Being able to safeguard sensitive information is essential if you are to avoid fines and reputation-killing headlines in the …

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Mastering Boomi Integration: The Advantages of Multishoring
19 April 2023

Mastering Boomi Integration: The Advantages of Multishoring as Your Boomi Implementation Partner 

As businesses continue to digitize and automate their operations, integrating diverse applications and data sources has become more critical than ever. Boomi, a leading integration …

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