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Power BI Consulting Services

Do you need Microsoft Power BI consulting services? We can deliver them right away to accelerate your Power BI-based Business Intelligence projects and meet your business deadlines.

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Your organization is planning to implement Microsoft Power BI or has already implemented the tool and now is confronted with challenges regarding customization. The problem is that your IT team is not enough experienced with Power BI solutions, which makes you unable to move forward with your project at the speed your business expects. Don’t worry! We can help by giving you access to Power BI developers who can provide you with professional Power BI consulting and development services. They will help you deliver your Power BI solutions fast, using best practices, and meeting all your business’ expectations. 

How Can I Use Power BI Consulting Services?

Our Power BI consultants can help you with the following tasks:

  • Assessment of your Power BI requirements

  • Feasibility Check for Power BI implementation

  • Developing a comprehensive Power BI implementation strategy

  • Power BI integration services to bring data together for analytics from existing applications

  • Customizing your Power BI-based dashboards to create a holistic view of your business

  • Delivering quick and easy Power BI training to ensure full user engagement

  • Power BI development services to build advanced custom reporting solutions on top of standard features of Power BI

  • Performing user acceptance tests of your Power BI solutions

  • Establishing long-term Power BI-related support team

  • Integrated planning, budgeting, and reporting

Our Power BI-Related Expertise

  • All Power BI solutions, including Power BI Desktop, Power BI Pro, Power BI Embedded and Power BI Report Server

  • SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)

  • SQL Server, SQL Database and SQL Data Warehouse

  • Azure Data Factory, Databricks and Integration Services / SSIS

  • Azure Data Lake & Azure Event Hub

  • Creating Power BI reports in various setups, including on-premises and in the Azure cloud

  • Creating Power BI reports based on relational databases, OLAP cubes and REST API

  • Building SSAS Cubes and Dimensions with different architectures and data sources for Business intelligence, and writing MDX scripts

  • Writing T-SQL Stored procedures, Triggers, and Constraints using various DDL and DML commands

  • Knowledge of other Big Data Technologies like Hadoop, Cosmos, etc.

Do you need to hire experienced Power BI Consultants?

Create a Data-Driven Business with Power BI Consulting Services from Multishoring

How can I start using Power BI Consulting Services from Multishoring?

We follow a very detailed process described briefly below to provide our clients with high-quality Power BI consulting and development services. 

Hire the Best Power Microsoft Power BI Consulting Company

Hire us and count on a professional team of Power BI developers and consultants that will help you deliver all your Business Intelligence projects predictably, using best practices, on time, and meeting all your business’ expectations. Smartly cooperate with them based on a nearshoring and offshoring basis. You don’t need to look any longer. We have years of experience, dozens of Power BI developers, and mature processes. Ask us for a proposal. 


What is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a unified, scalable platform for self-service and enterprise business intelligence (BI) that’s easy to use and visualize data from any data source. With Power BI you can create memorable reports personalized with your KPIs and brand, as well as get fast, AI-powered answers to your business questions even when asking with conversational language. When you use Power BI with Azure and Office, you extract maximum value from your technology and your data. Because Power BI interoperates with the Microsoft technology you already trust, you can use all your data productively. The tool has also a large and growing library of 500+ free connectors, so you can connect it directly to hundreds of on-premises and cloud data sources such as Dynamics 365, Azure SQL Database, Salesforce, Excel, and SharePoint. Go to FAQ Contents

What are the services in Power BI?

Power BI analyzes and visualizes raw data to present actionable information. It combines business analytics, data visualization, and best practices that help you make data-driven decisions. Power BI architecture is a service built on top of Azure. There are multiple data sources that Power BI can connect to. Power BI Desktop allows you to create reports and data visualizations on the dataset. Power BI gateway is connected to on-premise data sources to get continuous data for reporting and analytics. Microsoft Power BI services refer to the cloud services that are used to publish Power BI reports and data visualizations. Go to FAQ Contents

What does a Power BI consultant do?

A Power BI consultant is an expert in the Microsoft Power BI business analytics tool. He offers guidance and solutions for all aspects of Power BI to help companies analyze and visualize data and share insights across their organizations. Most often a Power BI consultant will be able to help you with tasks such as: 

  • determining requirements for a Power BI implementation 
  • assisting with Power BI implementation and development 
  • configuring and upgrading Power BI     
  • creating data models and dashboards 
  • training staff on how to effectively use the Power BI solutions 
  • troubleshooting and debugging 
Multishoring is a certified Microsoft partner and we have several dozens of experienced Power BI consultants who can provide you with 24/7 Power BI consulting services. So if you need Microsoft Power BI services, just contact us! Go to FAQ Contents

How much does a Power BI consultant cost?

A Power BI consultant typically charges from $100/hour to $150/hour. The price mainly depends on the number of hours per month you purchase. Go to FAQ Contents

When should you use Power BI services?

You should reach out to a Power BI consulting & implementation company if you need an external expert bringing to the table Power BI expertise that you otherwise lack internally (or have a shortage of available internal resources). A Power BI consulting company will provide you with comprehensive Microsoft Power BI services, including Power BI consulting, Power BI integration services, Power BI development services, as well as post-installation support and troubleshooting. Go to FAQ Contents

Google Data Studio vs Power BI – which is better?

Google’s equivalent of Microsoft Power BI is Google Data Studio. Both of these data visualization tools are professional, accurate, and very precise. Using Power BI will be a very similar experience to Microsoft Suite, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Working with Google Data Studio will closely resemble Google Analytics.   The only thing that speaks in favor of Power BI is its capability to perform a lot of complex data transformations. Google Data Studio lags behind in this regard. The only real transformation you can do with Google Data Studio is blending data from different sources using a JOIN key. So, Data Studio assumes that you have clean data that is ready for visualization.   However, Google works hard to keep its BI tool on the same level as Microsoft so you can expect that these capabilities will be on the same level soon.   


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