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You are requested by your business to accelerate your Tibco-based integration and/or data management projects. The problem is that your IT team is short on TIBCO developers, particularly experienced ones. That makes you unable to deliver the project within a deadline. Don’t worry! We can help by giving you access to professional TIBCO developers who can provide you with TIBCO-related consulting and development services. They will help you deliver all your TIBCO projects predictably, using best practices, on time, and meeting all your business expectations.


Our TIBCO Expertise

Our TIBCO consulting and development services apply to all TIBCO products.

  • For connecting various IT systems, including TIBCO BusinessWorks, File Adapters, and TIBCO Enterprise Message Service (EMS)

  • For unifying your IT stack, including TIBCO EBX Software, and other TIBCO solutions for data management, quality, and virtualization

  • For business intelligence, including TIBCO Spotfire, TIBCO Jaspersoft, TIBCO Web FOCUS, TIBCO DataScience, and TIBCO Streaming

Tasks Our TIBCO Developers May Take Over

Our TIBCO developers will help you in carrying out any tasks required in complex integration and development projects based on the TIBCO platform. These include:

  • Designing system requirements and developing technical documentation

  • Creating and configuring queues/bridges in TIBCO EMS

  • Deploying projects using TIBCO TEA

  • Designing reusable objects in SOA Environment and Test Plans

  • Creating and installing custom software (adapters) for the TIBCO platform

  • Performing microservices-based architecture implementation

  • Customer support, including troubleshooting and consulting more complex TIBCO-related issues

Our TIBCO Developers’ Additional Skills

  • Modeling business logic and automating processes using TIBCO BusinessWorks and EMS messaging

  • Strong knowledge of TIBCO Messaging & Business Integration Middleware products

  • Good understanding of Core Java and C

  • EMS, MQ, XSD, and SSB based applications

  • RESTful web services and SOAP web services

  • Database tools, including SQL Server, MongoDB, Oracle

  • Messaging systems, including ZeroMQ, RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka

  • Knowledge of TIBCO security aspects such as SSL, Certs

  • Knowledge of TIBCO’s Connected Manufacturing Intelligence platform for high-tech manufacturers

How Can You Start using TIBCO Consulting & Development from Multishoring?

We follow a very detailed process described briefly below to provide our clients with high-quality TIBCO consulting and development services.

Why Use TIBCO Consulting & Development Services From Multishoring?

  • We are one of the largest and most experienced IT outsourcing companies in Poland

  • High-quality IT services thanks to well-defined processes

  • Custom software development process based on Agile and DevOps principles.

  • Easy and flexible access to over 3,000 developers in one of the best countries to outsource from (Poland), including TIBCO developers

  • 500 experienced consultants and senior developers ((including with specialization in TIBCO tools) located across the whole U.S.A. and other major Western countries

  • Like-your-own-team experience – the model of cooperation with personal meetings whenever needed ensures that you feel our developers as your own onsite team, even if most of the work is done remotely

Hire the Best TIBCO Developers

Hire us and count on a professional team of TIBCO developers and consultants that will help you deliver all your TIBCO projects predictably, using best practices, on time, and meeting all your business’ expectations. Smartly cooperate with them based on a nearshoring and offshoring basis. You don’t need to look any longer. We have years of experience, dozens of TIBCO developers, and mature processes. Ask us for a proposal.



What is Tibco and how does it work?

TIBCO is a real-time data enterprise application integration (EAI) that promotes service-oriented architecture (SOA). As a global leader in enterprise data, TIBCO empowers its customers to connect, unify, and confidently predict business outcomes, solving the world’s most complex data-driven challenges. TIBCO software allows interacting with your applications in a close modal dialog end, databases, and a mainframe by automatically routing and transforming information in an appropriate format to respective destinations. And with its browser error code, it will help your organization to establish default values.

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What is Tibco used for?

Organizations use TIBCO as a common framework for integrating incompatible and distributed systems which will make it faster and easier to tie together in real-time. TIBCO tools can be used to create web services to expose database records or a mainframe program. Also, to map a hundred of XML fields to a legacy database and manage exceptions and looping….. in mere minutes. Having these various systems integrated, you can use TIBCO tools to unify data from multiple sources and then predict confidently with real-time data-driven intelligence.

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What are TIBCO products for business intelligence?

TIBCO products for business intelligence include software for visual analytics (TIBCO Spotfire, TIBCO Jaspersoft, TIBCO Web FOCUS), data science (TIBCO Data Science and TIBCO DataScience Team Studio – for building scalable low-code machine learning workflows), and streaming analytics (TIBCO Streaming – for building advanced streaming analytics you can act on). The key product in this portfolio is TIBCO Spotfire, which is one of the most complete analytics solutions on the market, enabling everyone to explore and visualize new discoveries in data through immersive dashboards and advanced analytics.

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Is TIBCO an ETL tool?

One of TIBCO’s products – TIBCO Jaspersoft – is a tool for extracting, transforming, loading (ETL) and data virtualization. You can use it when you want to physically move even the world’s most complex data from multiple sources into a single data warehouse. Then you can transform this data into advanced analytics using TIBCO’s machine learning-based tools.

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Is Tibco still relevant?

Of course, it is. TIBCO is safe and sound, and TIBCO remains on top in the 2021 MDM landscape. In previous years we have seen a growth in master data management (MDM). Companies need MDM software like TIBCO to bring all their disparate data together in a single trusted view with all this expansion. TIBCO is also a great tool for system integration and business intelligence projects.

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