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Why Nearshoring

Nearshore IT development – what is it?

Nearshore IT development is about moving IT projects from your own country to another one, which is less expensive but close geographically and culturally. Geographical proximity eliminates the problem of different time zones in offshore IT development. Moreover, no major cultural differences are encountered and it is easier to arrange personal meetings when necessary. This promotes an efficient and cost-effective implementation of offshore software development projects. For these reasons, IT nearshoring has been more and more popular among companies in Europe and North America in recent years.

Nearshore IT Development – for whom?

Are you responsible for an IT department in a large or medium-sized European or American company? Do you want to lower the costs of your IT projects? Are you tired of the problems caused by time zone and cultural differences inherent in using IT outsourcing services of companies from geographically distant countries? Do you also think that personal meetings can contribute to the smooth implementation of offshore IT projects? If your answer to these questions is yes, then nearshore IT development is the right choice for you!